Congratulations to our 2018 A Team.  We had 19 of our Restaurants score an A during their Wendy's International inspection.  Below is a list of the stores and their scores:

SML                                 93.3                  3/08/2018

Rocky Mt.                        90.5                  5/15/2018

Waynesboro                    91.9                  3/29/2018

Oak Ridge                       93.2                  8/14/2018

Walkertown                      92.8                  9/17/2018

Airport                              91.4                10/17/2018

Franklin Turnpike             90.5                10/31/2018

Farmville                          94.1                12/14/2018

Radford                           92.3                 10/23/2018

Blacksburg 1                    90.1                  6/13/2018

Altavista                           90.5                  3/14/2018

South Boston                   92.8                11/06/2018

Charlottesville 1               90.1                11/06/2018

Charlottesville 2               90.1                  9/13/2018

Pantops                            90.0                 3/30/2018

Harrisonburg 1                 90.3                  6/10/2018

Harrisonburg 2                 92.8                11/09/2018

Verona                             90.8                 11/06/2018

Stoneport                         93.2                  6/09/2018


Congratulations to our Managers and their teams for making the grade. We are proud to have such dedicated managers working for us, who strive to be the best that they can be.  



Catie Food Systems is proud of our District Manager, Danielle Cook and the team of dedictated employees that represented Wendy's at the Virginia Tech Hokie football game on Saturday, November 17, 2018.  John Gaca wrote a very nice article about our team of employees and managers representing Wendy's so well at the game in the Wendy's December 2018 Issue of the Wendy's newsletter (see photo).  They served up 1200 Dave's singles, 250 Frosty sundaes, and roughly another 800 regular Frosty's.  This is the second year that Danielle has taken a group to Lane Stadium to serve up Wendy's food to Hokie fans.  Thank you for representing Catie Food Systems and Wendy's.


Congratulations to our very own, Melissa Shaver for the very complimentary article that was written by Lonnie Nault in the Wendy's December Newsletter.  Lonnie noted in his article "When I think of "Treat People With Respect" I think of TRM Melissa Shaver.  Her smile is infectious and she earns the respect of her team through ability to teach the "why's" and develop a high performing team.  Her team follows her because she asks and teaches how vs. just telling and expecting it to be done.  There is no surporse she has been Dave's Way 2 years running.  I also certified her restaurant as a Phase II restaurant this year.  She was part of the Top 200 GM conference as well.  She has shown positive sales and customer count growth year over year and broken her own sales records several times just this year."  Catie Food Systems is proud to have Melissa Shaver as part of our team and we congrat her on this well deserved recognition in the Wendy's December Newsletter.


Melissa Shaver, Catie Food Systems General Manager for our Wendy's Stoneport (Harrisonburg), was welcomed to the Top 200 GM Conference in Columbus Ohio on Monday, April 23, 2018.  Melissa will spend the week being celebrated as one of the 200 top GM's for Wendy's Restaurants across the United States.  Catie Food Systems is proud to have Melissa Shaver as part of our team and we congratulate her on this well deserved honor.  (The picture is of Melissa and Wendy's Chief Operating Officer, Robert Wright).

Melissa, Bob Wright (COO)

Today, April 23, it's with heavy hearts that the Catie Food Systems team says goodbye to one of our own, Sharon Wimbush.  Sharon joined Catie Food Systems in September of 2007.  She served as General Manager at our Wendy's South Boston for years and in 2017 she was transferred to General Manager for our Wendy's Danville Franklin Turnpike location.  She was a valued member of our team and her cheerful face and happy attitude will be missed.

Sharon Wimbush, beloved GM

Catie Food Systems would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Melissa Shaver, Wendy's Stoneport GM on the extreme honor of making the Wendy's International Top 200 GM List for 2017.  Melissa has been a GM for us since 2015 and she took over as General Manager at our new Wendy's Stoneport in April of 2017.  We are proud to have such a talented individual as a member of our management team.  Melissa received a letter of congratulations, a golden ticket to come to Ohio, and a Top GM duffle bag in a package sent to her by Wendy's International on Friday, February 23, 2018.  She has been invited to travel to Wendy's International headquarters in Columbus, OH for the Top GM conference April 23 - April 26.  Please join us in congratulating Melissa Shaver on this tremendous accomplishment.

Melissa Shaver-Top 200 GM 2017
  • Catie Food Systems celebrated Christmas with our annual company party.  This year the theme was Ugly Sweater and everyone was invited to wear their ugliest Christmas sweater and an award was given to the ugliest sweater.  Sharon Wimbush, our Piney Forest Danville, VA. General Manager was awarded the ugliest sweater award by her peers.  We want to take a moment to thank our management team for coming out and participating in a night of fun and laughter.  And a big Thank You to Malcolm and Jim for once again hosting a fun event for the management team at Catie Food Systems.  Merry Christmas!!!


Sharon Wimbush.Ugliest Sweater

Our Wendy's in Fishersville was excited to prepare 93 meals for a group of Boy Scouts on their journey home from the big Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia on Friday, July 28.  Wendy's Fishersville welcomes the Boy Scouts.


On Tuesday, June 7, 2016 several of our Wendy's Restaurants hosted a Wendy's Night Out fundraiser to benefit the MDA Summer Camp.  We have been selling camp mobiles for several weeks at all of our Wendy's stores in addition to the fundraisers to benefit this worthwhile cause.  Our Wendy's-FT had a special visit from Wendy that night.  The character of Wendy was played by Carley Watlington, daughter of Katherine Watlington.  Carley is a camp participant and we were truly honored to have her visit with us.  Catie Food Systems/Shirley May Restaurant Group is pleased to announce that we raised $10,096.25 to benefit the MDA Summer Camp through our camp mobile sales and the Wendy's Night Out fundraisers.  

Wendy visits MDA Fundraiser

On Tuesday, June 7, 2016 our new Wendy's Stoneport in Harrisonburg, VA participated in Chocolate Ice Cream Day by visiting Bellaire at Stone Port Assisted Living Facility and taking all the residents and staff a chocolate frosty.  Mike Garber-General Manager, Jennifer Weller-Assisted Manager, and McKenna Haines (playing the part of Wendy) traveled to Bellaire with the chocolate frostys and visited with the residents.  Thank you to the staff and management at our Wendy's-Stoneport for taking the time for this special visit.

Wendy Visits Bellaire

On Tuesday, May 24, 2016 Becky Moss was called to the District Manager meeting at our main office and was rewarded for her diligence in going after a sales goal that she set for her store.  Becky made an announcement at a prior P & L meeting that her store was going to pass Wendy's Appomattox and Wendy's Farmville in sales. Wendy's - FT, Danville, VA achieved that goal for the week of May 16 thru May 22, 2016 and she has done so several times since that week.  We want to congratulate Becky and the staff and management of our Wendy's FT on achieving this goal.  

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